USAGC Organization

deals with the Official American Green CardProgram, Every year this program known also as D.V. Lottery program renders 50,000 permanent visas known as Green Card to people from all over the globe meeting few simple eligibility requirements.  
USAGC Organization provides an online registration for the US Green Card Lottery Program. This service ensures non-American natives to submit their applications for Green Card online on time with no mistakes or lack of required data.

Affiliate Benefits:
The Green Card Program has a huge and growing demand and we have around one million unique visitors every day. Our site is
translated to 25 languages and all leads are contacted by our 5 call centers around the world within 24 hour
User Flow:
Users must enter their details in the first page and submit. Required fields are: Name, Last name, Nationality, email address and phone number.
Valid leads are users who entered a real email address and phone number.

Males and females over  the age of 18.
cpl for 20 countries
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